Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The new theory of the Global Warming cause.

The blind commitment to the manmade Global Warming (AGW) cause should no longer be endorsed by the Israeli government. It is a sign of the times.
That same realization is dawning on more and more institutions and individuals all over the word, as the AGW pseudo theory becomes ever more and more discredited.
The skeptics' growing criticism is prevailing public opinion but in many cases the criticism denies flatly the factuality of the Global Warming phenomenon.
That same is very dangerous since denying the Global Warming is worse to the human beings than the AGW scam. The idea of denying the Global Warming sounds not less than fatalism.
Therefore a real cause of the Global Warming must be explained!
The rising concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is not anthropogenic.
Global warming is caused mainly by increased solar radiation. The rise in CO2 in the air is caused principally by its release from warming oceans (Henry’s and Raoult’s laws) and not by human and industrial activities.

Thus these two global phenomena should be differentiated from one another:

1. Global warming, caused by solar radiation due to significant shortening of the distance between the Earth and the Sun. More details of this new hypothesis can be
find in the book:
 "The Mystery of the Great Flood Confirmed: The Catastrophic Aftermath of the Mars/Earth Collision 10 000 Years Ago; Can Mankind survive the consequences
 of Global Warming due to the shortening of the distance between the Earth and the Sun? ".  The book is easy found in Barnes&Noble and Amazon.

2. Global pollution, caused by humans as a result of daily activity in consumer-oriented life-styles in the modern world.
These two different phenomena are unconnected to each other and require different approaches to combat them. The struggle against global warming by reducing CO2 production can be likened to fighting a fire by suppressing only the smoke.
The burning of fossil fuels may cause environmental pollution when it is done in an uncontrolled manner, but it certainly does not cause global warming.
 In fact, the real cause of Global Warming is excessive solar radiation, energy which is gradually being accumulated in the planet's oceans. The latent heat, a property of water, prevents the effective escape of heat from the seas into space, as happens on dry land. At the same time, the release of CO2 from the heated waters of the oceans takes place and the excessive evaporation that follows causes severe torrential rainfall and heave snow storms during the winter months.
Dr Elsar (Amos) Orkan   
Chairman, The Israeli Association for the Global Warming Fight

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